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Rare Mineral Specimens #4 (Sold Out)

Hi Folks!!

Please find below a listing of rare mineral species.

These select Species are pre-offered from the Don Phillips Collection by email first & are posted online a day or so later. If you would like to be placed on our species collector list to get a preview of our Rare Mineral Listings, please send us an email at dakotamatrix@gmail.com.

Each are small specimens, less than 1cm or in a capsule, and are either type locality or worldwide rare and have a unique chemistry. This is on a first come first serve basis and these are one of a kind specimens (probably no duplicates). Please email (dakotamatrix@gmail.com) us your picks. We expect these to go fast. No photos available.

If you place an order via email you will receive an order confirmation of the samples you got under the name Admin Shopper and will be contacted shortly by one of the DMM team with your total including shipping/handling fees.

If you place an order via the shopping cart you will receive and email confirmation of your order & it can be viewed any time in your User Account.

Akaganeite SOLD
beta Fe+3(O,OH,Cl)
Nantan meteorites, Nandan Co., Hechi Prefecture, China
Sample on meteorite with sawn bottom and exterior alteration.  According to the David Shannon label
this meteorite fell in 1516.

Cadmoselite (TL) SOLD
Ust' Uyok, Turan, Eastern-Siberian Region, Russia
Excalibur label
Small capsule containing a black fine grained powder.  From type locality and one of only three  localities worldwide.

Ericaite SOLD
Bismarkshall Mine, Judhartz, Germany
Minerals Unlimited label
Small orange tan grain in a capsule, interesting borate mineral.

Foordite SOLD
Kubitaka, Punia, DRC
Mineralogical Research Company label
Sample containing several small grains and powder of a dark material. 

Hafnon SOLD
Tanco Mine, Bernic Lake, Lac-du-Bonnet area, Manitoba, Canada
Cureton label
Small vial with dozens Hafnon grains less than 0.75mm mixed with quartz sand grains.
Uncommon Zircon analog. 

Hochelageite (TL) SOLD
Mont St. Hilaire, Quebec, Canada
Cureton label
Snow white radial sprays to 1mm in 2mm groups associated with Siderite and Andradite(?) amongst other unidentified.  Excellent specimen.

Juanitaite (TL) SOLD
150' level Gold Hill mine, Tooele Co., Utah
Ann Williams label
Quartz matrix with green and blue coatings of Tyrolite, Cornwallite
and Brochantite.  A small arrow points to a vug with small yellow crystals of

Lautite (TL) SOLD
Lauta, Marienberg District, Saxony, Germany
Small amount of grains and small fragments in a capsule. 

Lithiotantite (TL) SOLD
Ognevka, Kalba Range, Kazajhstan
Excalibur label
Extremely rare mineral.  Single tiny grain less than 0.5mm in a capsule on Cassiterite.

Mundite (TL) SOLD
Kobokobo, Kivu, DRC
Cureton label
Rich coverage of several earthy canary yellow grains 1-2mm. Extremely rare pegmatitic uranyl phosphate.

Nullaginite (TL) SOLD
Otway Ni deposit, Nullagine, Western Australia, Australia
Chip to 4mm plus 3 others to about 1mm
Cureton label
This is a very rare Nickel carbonate. The mineral itself is
from the type locality and one of only a couple of localities worldwide. Associated with other unidentified minerals.

Panasqueiraite (TL) SOLD
Panasqueira Mine, Panasqueira, Portugal
Cureton label
Quartz specimen with 7mm of pinkish crystalline Panasqueiraite, a rare primary phosphate. Two reported worldwide localities.

Peisleyite (TL) SOLD
Tom's quarry, Kapunda, Mt Lofty Ranges, South Australia, Australia
Cureton label.
White earthy mineral. Type and only Locality for a strange complex phosphate.

Phosphammite SOLD
Guanape Islands, Peru
Cureton label.
XRD specimen, beige powder in a capsule, natural Ammonium phosphate, artificial
ammonium phosphate is the chemical used in most "grow your own crystals" kits
as it is non toxic and readily forms large crystals.

Platinum SOLD
Ledyanoi  placer, Gal'moenan ultrabasic massif, Korf, Kamchatka Oblast', Far-Eastern Region, Russia
3mm nugget.
David Shannon label

Satpaevite (TL) SOLD
Balasauskandyk V Deposit, Karatau Range, Kazakhstan
Excalibur label.
Extremely rare. Single capsule specimen with a single small grain inside it. Type locality and
one of only 2 localities. 

Stibiotantalite  SOLD
Greenbushes Sn placers, Western Australia, Australia
Type locality specimen, a capsule 1/8 full of an off brown powder.
$30   $20

Swamboite SOLD
Swambo Hill, Katanga, DRC
Small yellow poorly formed crystals on matrix.  Around 1 cm in length.  Interesting Uranium mineral from its type locality associated with possible Soddyite.
Fairly rare and has only 2 localities.

Vajdakite (TL) SOLD
Svornost Mine, Jáchymov, Bohemia, Czech Republic
thumbnailExcalibur label.
Type locality specimen, consisting micro pale green unimpressive, crusts and crystals. Rich. Extremely rare nonetheless.  Classic  Euro locality.

Vismirnovite (TL) SOLD
Mushiston Deposit, Tajikistan
Excalibur label
Small black grain, around .75mm. There are very few Tin-Zinc minerals and most are sulfides.

Xilingolite SOLD
Bismark, Chihuaua, Mexico
Cureton label
Capsule specimen containing a number of grains, the largest is a little less the a millimeter. Sample has been Microprobed.

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