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5 x 2 x 1.5 cm - Miniature 
Gun Claims, MacMillian Pass, Itsy Mountains, Yukon Territory, Canada

Since the discovery, analogues of Cerchiaraite were also found at Big Creek and again at the type locality (Cerchiara mine). As such the original Cerchiaraite was renamed Cerchiaraite-(Mn).   The abstract of Cerchiaraite-(Fe) in Mineralogical Magazine v. 77 n. 1 states that the mineral occurs as aggregates of irregular blue prisms at the Esquire claims. This specimen from the Gun Claims also contains crystalline blue compact aggregates. The prism ends can be seen as crude grains in the matrix. It is associated with yellow barite. Specimen has been analyzed by XRD by one of the others of the original Cerchiaraite.

XRD Confirmed


Data courtesy of Webmineral.

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XRD Confirmed

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