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Mineralogy of the Black Hills (Softcover)


Mineralogy of the Black Hills (Softcover)

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Mineralogy of the Black Hills
by Willard L. Roberts & George Rapp, Jr.

Paperback. Condition - New. 1965. Out-of-Print.

Written by Willard Roberts, at the time a research associate at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and later curator of mineralogy and then director of the Museum of Geology at the school, and George Rapp, Jr., curator of mineralogy at the Museum of Geology and an associate professor of mineralogy at the time the book was published, Mineralogy of the Black Hills sought to update and refine the previous two works that attempted to detail the extensive mineral population of the Black Hills of South Dakota. Mineralogy of the Black Hills accounts for more than 280 minerals found in the Black Hills and includes a brief listing of these minerals by Dana type and an in depth alphabetical listing that details the crystallography, habit, and appearance of these minerals as well as the locations in which these minerals can be found in the Black Hills.

Mineralogy of the Black Hills is available in limited quantities.

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