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Mineral History of South Dakota: Part One (Softcover)

  • Sold

Mineral History of South Dakota: Part One (Softcover)

  • Sold
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Mineral History of South Dakota: Part One
as featured in MATRIX: A Journal of the History of Minerals

A report of the Black Hills unique geology and history, the Mineral History of South Dakota contains articles on the geologically significant and historically fascinating qualities that make South Dakota and the Black Hills a prime destination for geology and history buffs from around the world. Part One of this two-part feature presents editorials detailing, among others, the historical perspectives of South Dakota mineralogy, the significance of Harney Peak during South Dakota’s mining past, and the mineralogy of Jewel cave, South Dakota’s longest and the world’s second longest cave. Amongst these articles are vignettes of historically important persons in South Dakota’s mining history including L.W. Stillwell, an early mineral dealer of the region, and John Van Nostrand Dorr, a significant innovation in the cyanide process of gold removal from ore.

Mineral History of South Dakota: Part One feature of MATRIX is available in limited quantities.

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