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Fluorluanshiweiite with Spodumene


Fluorluanshiweiite with Spodumene

3.5 x 2 x 3 cm - Miniature 
KLiAl1.5(Si3.5Al0.5)O10F2 (RRUFF)
Shuk-Byul' peg., Sol'bel'der peg. field, Sangilen Uppland, Tuva, Siberia, Russia

Rich groups of lilac lamellae to 7mm. It is micaceous and in fact is a lithium Mica. This is the second worldwide locality, which is apparently not yet published. It is associated with Spodumene, a lithium silicate. Verified by Dr. Igor Pekov.

XRD Confirmed, EDS Confirmed

Special Info
XRD Confirmed
Special Info
EDS Confirmed

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