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Black Hills Ghost Town & Ghost Mine Maps

  • Sold

Black Hills Ghost Town & Ghost Mine Maps

  • Sold

Black Hills Ghost Town & Ghost Mine Maps

by Dale Baiety

This DVD-R "data" disk contains topographical maps and aerial photo images that cover the Black Hills of South Dakota from north of Spearfish, SD, to near the South Dakota/Nebraska border.  The east to west map coverage spans from east of Rapid City to the Wyoming border. 

365,420 aerial photo images create a seamless mosaic that zooms from 64-meter to 1-meter resolution.  27.760 topographical map segments allow zooming from 32-meter to 4-meter resolution.  The cursor shows latitude/longitude information for any location.  Waypoint overlays identify 386 Black Hills ghost/historic towns and 999 Black Hills ghost mines.

A GPS is not needed to use the maps, but if the user does have a GPS, the included USAPhotoMaps program allows transfer of data in/out of Windows based computers.  A laptop computer will supply real time on screen tracking of most GPS units.  A Windows computer system with DVD-R "data" drove amd 2.4 Gig of hard drive space is required to install the program on your computer. 

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