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8 x 8 x 4 cm - Sm Cabinet 
Ison Creek, Elliott Co., Kentucky, United States

A large sawed portion of what is known as the Ison Creek Kimberlite, sometimes called the Elliot County Kimberlite. It is composed mostly of ultrabasic olivine-rich igneous rock called peridotite. The dark-green peridotite can be further broken down into components of serpentinized olivine and a number of accessory minerals, including phlogopite, pyrope, calcite, enstatite, magnesian ilmenite, and others. Xenoliths, mainly of shale, and igneous rock inclusions may occur in the Peridotites. Kimberlites are formed in the mantle about 100-135 miles below the surface. As the igneous mass forms, it begins to ascend through the mantle and crusts. At some point volatile gases begin to expand from the decrease in pressure and the molten mass can explode through the crusts reaching speeds of 1,200 feet per second. This information comes from a University of Kentucky pdf Click here to see it. Photos of the Kimberlite just like this one can be seen here

What makes Kimberlites special is that they may contain Diamonds. This piece does not, that I can see. 

Delmer Brown Collection

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