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Bobcookite with Pickeringite


Bobcookite with Pickeringite

2 x 1.5 x 1 cm - Thumbnail 
NaAl(UO2)2(SO4)4·18H2O (RRUFF)
Blue Lizard mine, Red Canyon, San Juan Co., Utah, United States

Bobcookite is a relatively new IMA mineral named after my good friend Dr. Bob Cook. It is easily observed as it is highly flourescent green and occurs as yellowish green glassy crystals with white silky Pickeringite. This is the fourth occurence, but all are in the same district. It is not found anywhere else.

Fluorescent, Type Locality, XRD Confirmed, EDS Confirmed, New IMA

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Type Locality
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XRD Confirmed
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EDS Confirmed
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