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Correianevesite with Hureaulite


Correianevesite with Hureaulite

6.5 x 4.5 x 4 cm - Sm Cabinet 
Fe2+Mn2+2(PO4)2 3H2O (RRUFF)
Jocão pegmatite, Conselheiro Pena, Doce valley, Minas Gerais, Brazil
phosphate , pegmatite mineral

Coreianevesite is a rare phosphate recently approved in 2013. Specimens however have been in collections for years and probably labeled as Reddingtonite. Correianevesite however fall into a series as the intermediate member of the Phosphoferrite-Reddingite Series. Thus it contains Fe(II) and Mn(II) 1:2 in the crystal structure, while Phosphoferrite contains only iron(II) as the name implies. Ideal Reddingtonite contains only Manganese (II).

The crystals are orthorhombic dipyramids to 2mm with a deep red color on Triphylite matrix. So far Correianevesite has been identified in only two pegmatites worldwide, although I suspect it is found in many other pegmatites. Specimens just need to be tested.

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Data courtesy of Webmineral.

Dr. Buford L. Nichols Collection
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