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The Mines Around & Beyond

#B11 (Softcover)
  • Sold

The Mines Around & Beyond

#B11 (Softcover)
  • Sold
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Limited Availability!

Softcover. NEW. Author - Joel K. Waterland. 1991. Out-of-Print. Table of Contents, Index covering mines, miners, companies, and claims. Table of illustrations and claim maps. Tables of mine production.

We have a very limited quantity of these books, which are now out-of-print. This book, authored by geologist, miner, and historian Joel K. Waterland.

This 424 page book details the mining history of several mining districts of the Northern Black Hills of South Dakota pulled from historic newspapers, periodicals, and company records. This is invaluable book will serve those of you who seek to learn more about not only the mining of the Black Hills, but the geology as well as the many people involved. It is also a primary tool to be used as a guide to finding the historic mines for prospecting and mineral collecting. There are hundreds of GOLD, Silver, Tungsten, and other mines discussed in historical context and minerals located.There is also a short section on the Mills of the Northern Black Hills.

The book is richly illustrated with vintage mill photos and old claim maps form the historic Frank Peck survey map covering the entire northern Black Hills.

Districts covered include:

  • Deadwood
  • Two Bit
  • Galena
  • Elk Creek
  • Box Elder
  • Custer Peak
  • Carbonate
  • Ragged Top
  • Iron Creek
  • Crow Peak
  • Hay Creek
  • Bear Gulch

If you study mining history or collect minerals and are in search for detailed iinformation on Black Hills mines, this book is a must.

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