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Tapiaite with Joteite


Tapiaite with Joteite

5 x 3 x 2 cm - Miniature 
Ca5Al2(AsO4)4(OH)4 12H2O (RRUFF)
Jote mine, Pampa Larga dist., Tierra Amarilla, Copiapó, Atacama, Chile

Tapiaite forms tiny clear lath-like crystals less than 0.03mm in size. Impossible to capture with my photo set-up, these crystals can nonetheless be seen in the photos as all the hundreds or thousands of reflections all over most of the matrix. It is associated with light bluish green Joteite. This is a new IMA mineral recently approved.

XRD Confirmed, EDS Confirmed, New IMA mineral


Data courtesy of Webmineral.

Special Info
XRD Confirmed
Special Info
EDS Confirmed
Special Info
New IMA mineral
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