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Named for Jean Rouxel, a solid state chemist, and a Professor at and founder of the Institut des Materiaux and the University of Nantes in France. Rouxelite has its type locality at the Buca della Vena mine in Tuscany, Italy, and one additional locality at Magurka in Slovakia. At the type locality it occurs as acicular, metallic crystals in calcite veins. Rouxelite’s formation is generally associated with the hydrothermal remobilization on deposition of mercury.

Ref. Orlandi, P., et al. and The Canadian Mineralogist June 2005 v. 43 no. 3 p. 919-933


Named for the Rruff Project which is a database for Raman spectra, X-ray diffraction, and chemistry data for minerals. , started by Michael Scott. It is a rare mineral that has its type locality in the Maria Catalina mine in Chile, and one additional locality in Spain. It occurs as a secondary, pale blue and transparent mineral in granular or blocky aggregates and druses in association with quartz, baryte, mansfieldite, alumopharmacosiderite, conichalcite, metazeunerite, and barahonite-Al.

Ref. Yang, H., et al. and The Canadian Mineralogist June 2011 vol. 49 no. 3 877-884


Named for Professor Rui Franco for his many contributions to Brazilian mineralogy and geology. It occurs only in Minas Gerais in Brazil at the Sapucaia mine and the Poco d’Antas claim. It occurs filling vugs in albite and muscovite and is closely associated with cyrilovite and meurigite in a granite pegmatite at the type locality. It appears as red-brown lath in fan-shaped botryodial arrangements.

Ref. Atencio, D., et al. and The Canadian Mineralogist October 2007 vol. 45 no. 5 1263-1273

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