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Named after Alexander Yu. Bakhchisaraitsev. Forms as bladed, tabular crystals or in fan-like aggregates. Found in only Russia in a vuggy, mineralized dolomite carbonatite in the Kovdor Massif in the Kola Peninsula, and at the Korkinskii quarry in the Urals Region.

Ref. Minerals and their Localities, Bernard, J.H. and Hyršl, J. (2004)

IMA/CNMNC List of Mineral Names (2009) and Neues Jahrbuch fur Mineralogie, Monatshefte (2000), 402


Named for the type and only locality at in the Balangero-Corino area at the Poggio San Vittore asbestos mine in Piedmont, Italy. Balangeroite is found in schistose serpentinite near a large ultramific massif, and in association with chrysotile, magnetite, iron-nickel alloys, olivenite, titanian clinohumite, diopside, antigorite, calcite, aragonite, opal, chalcedony, and clay minerals.

Ref. Handbook of Mineralogy, Anthony et al (1995) and MSA at http://www.handbookofmineralogy.org/pdfs/balangeroite.pdf

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