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Mineralpedia Details for Andrianovite




Named after Valerii Ivanovich Andrianov, a Russian mathematician and crystallographer and developer of the AREN software for the study of mineral structures.  Andrianovite appears as light yellow rims surrounding crystals of eudialyte. It occurs only at the type locality in the Koashva open pit in the Khibiny massif in the Kola Peninsula of Russia. Associated minerals include aegirine, sodalite, microcline, natrolite, lomonosovite, lamprophyllite, mosandite, and villiaumite.

Ref. Khomaukov, A.P. et al. and Geology of Ore Deposits, v. 50, No. 8 (2008), 705-712

Crystal System
Ditrigonal Pyramidal 
View Andrianovite 
View Andrianovite 

Andrianovite from Koashva Mt., Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia

            from Koashva Mt., Khibiny Massif, Kola Peninsula, Russia

Pale cream-colored crystals less than 0.5mm in a "large" cluster in Aegerine. Extremely rare zirconium-niobium silicate and relatively new IMA mineral.

Pale cream-colored grains on aegirine.

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