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Rare Mineral Specimens List #7

Hi Folks,

Below is our exclusive Rare Mineral Species EMAIL list number 7. These specimens are on a first come first serve basis.

Please email us at dakotamatrix@gmail.com with your picks as soon as possible.

Please understand that these usually sell quickly and your picks, depending on your return time, may already be sold.  You are in an exclusive group and you have 24 hours to choose your minerals. After the 24 hour review period, we will post these specimens on the website, which will increase the audience.  The specimens are small. They are typically 1cm or less, are micromounts, or grains in a capsule. They are one-of-a-kind specimens and are eithertype locality or are very rare worldwide.  We have no duplicates. Photos are not available.

Once you place your order by email you will receive an invoice generated through our website.

After they are posted to the website you can study the list further and pick a few more. Just click on our link for this listing on the left margin of the Dakota Matrix website http://www.dakotamatrix.com/ .



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Aravaipaite SOLD
Type Locality
Grand Reef mine, Graham Co., Arizona, United States
Thin colorless pearly plates of Aravaipaite to less than 0.75mm with some clear needles in a capsule.  Named for the Aravaipa district where the species was discovered Aravaipaite is only known to occur at the Grand Reef mine along with other rare species including Grandreefite and Laurelite. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Babefphite SOLD
Type Locality
Aunik F-Be deposit, Vitim Plateau, Buriatia, Siberia, Russia
Three tiny ~1mm white crystalline chips in a capsule. Named for its chemical composition - BArium, BEryllium, Fluorine, Phosphate. Two known localities worldwide according to Mindat.

Baratovite AVAILABLE
Type Locality

Darai-Pioz Glacier, Alayskiy  Range, Tien Shan Mts, Tajikistan
Small 2cm specimen with pink cleavages of crystalline Baratovite associated with Miserite, also pink. Found as an accessory mineral in rock-types Albitites and Syenites, Baratovite only has three known occurrences. Comes with a label from the Cureton Mineral Co. and a handwritten label from an unknown collection.

Benavidesite SOLD
Type Locality
Sätra Mine, Doverstorp ore field, Finspång, Östergötland, Sweden
Benavidesite as gray alteration rims around other sulfides, possibly Vuorelainenite (also TL) or Pyrite. The Sätra mine is a metamorphosed iron sulfide deposit associated with submarine felsic volcanism and was mined from 1916 to 1919 producing sulfide ore for sulfite and sulfuric acid (Handbook of Mineralogy & Mindat.org). Sätra mine shares the type locality with Uchucchacua mine. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Brunogeierite SOLD
Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia
A tiny ~0.5mm brown-black grain in a capsule. Brunogeierite is a rare member of the Spinel Group that was discovered at Tsumeb in the lower oxidation zone of the famous polymetallic deposit and later found at a handful of localities in the Midi-Pyrénées in France.

Cannizzarite SOLD
Iron Cap Mine, Graham Co., Arizona, United States
A single ~1mm metallic-black, slender prismatic crystal of Cannizzarite on matrix. From one of two known occurrences in the United States. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label and a Globo de Plomo label.

Clinochalcomenite SOLD
El Dragon mine, Potosi, Bolivia
Light blue-green encrustations of Clinochalcomenite with glassy-blue microcrystalline Chalcomenite in the vuggy areas of matrix. Published, although not officially approved, Clinochalcomenite is the monoclinic dimorph of Chalcomenite known to occur at only a few places worldwide. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Diaoyudaoite AVAILABLE
Silverhütte mine, Altenau, Harz Mountains, Saxony, Germany
A small 1cm piece with light yellow-green encrustations of Diaoyudaoite with a sky-blue crust of an unidentified mineral. Diaoyudaoite was approved in 1985, but it's status as a true mineral is questionable as it occurs at slag piles, as in this case, and at sites of toxic waste dumping. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Bisbee, Cochise Co., Arizona, United States
Small chips to 3mm of purple-red crystalline Cuprite with submicroscopic inclusions of the rare Ag-Hg alloy Eugenite. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Fedotovite SOLD
Type Locality
Tolbachik Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
Capsule with chips to 2-3mm if brown Dolerophanite covered with a blue crust of Fedotovite. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.  Two worldwide localities.

Florencite-(Nd) SOLD
Marin off ramp cut, Marin Co., California, United States
Small chip of the altered Cretaceous Franciscan Formation with brown Florencite-Nd, which is a Neodymium rich and Cerium depleted Florencite known only to occur at a few localities around the world.

Francisite SOLD
Type Locality
Iron Monarch mine, Iron Knob, South Australia, Australia
A small ~3mm chip in a capsule covered in a apple-green microcrystalline crust of Francisite. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label and a copy of a label from the Museum of Victoria, Australia. Two known localities worldwide according to Mindat.

Gatehouseite SOLD
Type & Only Locality
Iron Monarch mine, Iron Knob, South Australia, Australia
A small ~1mm specimen with at least one red-brown micro cluster to 0.5mm of the very rare phosphate Gatehouseite, only known to occur at the Iron Monarch mine. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label. Extremely rare.

Gerhardtite SOLD
Daisy Shaft, San Xavier, Pima Co., Arizona, United States
A small 1.5cm specimen with thin blue veinlets of blue crystalline Gerhardtite throughout. Could possibly be the equally rare dimorph of Gerhardtite, Rouaite. Comes with two labels, the first a label from the Paul Moore collection with the number 806 that matches the tag on the specimen and the second a D. Garske label.

Holdawayite SOLD
Type Locality
Kombat mine, Grootfontein, Namibia
A small brown chip to 4mm in a capsule of Holdawayite, a rare carbonate known only to occur at three locales worldwide. Comes with a Excalibur-Cureton Co label.

Hulsite SOLD
Type Locality
Brooks Mountain, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, United States
A rare tin mineral. Several small chips to 6mm in a capsule with black needles of Hulsite. Comes with copies of a University of California Dept. of Geology label/description sheet and a Ward's label. The U of CA label mentions that these chips may be from the type specimen used to describe the species.

Iimoriite-(Y) SOLD
Bokan Mountain, Prince of Wales Island, Ketchikan District, Alaska
Granular sample in a capsule with light yellowish grains of Iimoriite-(Y).Bokan Mountain is the only occurrence in North America. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Irhtemite with Vladimirite SOLD
Type Locality
Irhtem, Bou Azzer district, Morocco
A small 1cm chip with micro pink sprays of Irtemite with Vladimirite, which are difficult to ID by sight alone. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Jaffeite SOLD
Type Locality
Kombat mine, Grootfontein, Namibia
Small 1.5x0.5 cm specimen of hematite with red plates of Defernite. Within the grains of Hematite are colorless, somewhat elongated crystal grains to about 0.75-1mm of what is perhaps Jaffeite. Cureton label. Very similar to http://rruff.info/Jaffeite on RRUFF. Interesting mineral in that it is the naturally occurring analog of tricalcium silicate hydrate), a component of Portland cement according to Webmineralhttp://webmineral.com/data/Jaffeite.shtml . Cureton label.

Jaskólskiite SOLD
Type Locality
Vena mines, Askersund, Narke, Sweden
A tiny 1mm black grain of Jaskolskiite in a capsule. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Larderellite SOLD
Type & Only Locality
Larderello, Pomarance, Pisa Province, Tuscany, Italy
Granular sample, with a few pieces to 6mm, of tannish Larderellite in a capsule. A very rare ammonio-borate only known to occur at the species' namesake locality Larderello in Italy. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Lithiowodginite SOLD
Tanco pegmatite, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada
Several small chips from 1-3mm of Lithiowodginite in a capsule. The Cureton Mineral Co. label with this sample indicates that this is the Lithium rich Wodginite, however it's not listed on mindat.org as occurring at Tanco. It may be just Wodginite or may not be properly documented from Tanco.

Mawbyite SOLD
Type Locality
Kintore Opencut, Broken Hill, New South Wales, Australia
Brown microcrystalline crust of Mawbyite on a small 4mm chip. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label and a copy of a label from the Museum of Victoria department of Mineralogy.

Meymacite SOLD
Type Locality
Nzombe, Kivu, Congo, the Democratic Republic of
Capsule filled with a granular sample with grains of yellowish Scheelite and black Ferberite with brown waxy crusts of Meymacite, yellowish ferrotungstite, and orange Tungstite/Hydrotungstite. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label and a handwritten label identifying the minerals present in the sample with a note at the bottom that mentions the sample has been analyzed. Amorphous.

Microlite SOLD
Tanco pegmatite, Bernic Lake, Manitoba, Canada
A ~1cm chip with tiny <1mm black grains of Microlite var. Cesstibtantite, a Microlite Group variety named for its composition of CEsium, Antimony (STIBium), and TANTalum. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Moolooite SOLD
San Rafael Swell, Emery Co., Utah, United States
A small ~1cm piece with a visible light blue crust (~2mm)of Moolooite with Sideronatrite. From one of the only two known occurrences in the United States.

Mundite SOLD
Type and Only Locality
Kobokobo Pegmatite, Sud-Kivu, Congo, the Dem. Rep. of
A less than 1cm piece of yellow pulverulent Mundite in a capsule. Mundite is very rare uranyl-phosphate with only one occurrence at the Kobokobo pegmatite. From the Cureton Mineral Co.

Murataite-(Y) SOLD
Type Locality
St Peters Dome, El Paso Co., Colorado, United States
A tiny less than 0.3mm black crystal grain of Murataite-Y in a capsule. Murataite-Y is a very rare Yttrium bearing oxide with only two known occurrences worldwide. Came with a small tag that says the sample has been EDS verified.

Nacareniobsite-(Ce) AVAILABLE
Type Locality
Kvanefjeld Mt., Ilimaussaq complex, Narsaq, Kitaa prov., Greenland
A small less than 1cm chip with a less than 0.5mm area (at the tip of an arrow) of glassy white crystalline Nacareniobsite-Ce microcrystals. Named for its chemical composition, Nacareniobsite-Ce is a rare earth mineral with only a few known occurrences worldwide. comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Nickelzippeite SOLD
Happy Jack mine, White Canyon, San Juan Co., Utah, United States
A small <1cm piece of sandstone matrix in a capsule covered in a yellow-orange crust of Nickelzippeite. A rare member of the Zippeite group Nickelzippeite is only know to occur at three localities. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Otavite SOLD
Type Locality
Tsumeb mine, Tsumeb, Namibia
A tiny ~1mm specimen with amazingly rich coverage of pearly-white Otavite microcrystals.

Roscoelite AVAILABLE
Hummer Mine, Paradox Valley, Montrose Co., Colorado, United States
A small 1cm piece covered with glassy orange crystalline Pascoite with greenish microcrystals of the rare Mica Roscoelite in the sandstone matrix.

Seamanite SOLD
Type Locality
Chicagon mine, Menominee iron range, Iron Co., Michigan, United States
Several micro prismatic crystals of the rare phosphate Seamanite mounted in a plastic box.

Tainiolite AVAILABLE
Mont Saint-Hilaire, Rouville Co., Québec, Canada
Thin colorless micaceous strips of Tainiolite in the vugs of MSH matrix, associated with Harmotome, Yofortierite (Palygorskite group mineral), and black Amphiboles. Another rare member of the Mica Group, Tainiolite is named after the Greek word for ribbon ”tainia”, alluding to its thin ribbon-like crystal habit.

Vikingite SOLD
Apache Hills, Hachita, Grant Co., New Mexico
Silvery-gray Vikingite throughout matrix. Comes with a Cureton Mineral Co. label.

Please email us at dakotamatrix@gmail.com with your picks as soon as possible.

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