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Rare Mineral Specimens #2

Select Rare Mineral Species Lists are pre-offered from the Don Phillips Collection by email First & are posted online a day or so later. If you would like to be placed on our species collector list to get a preview of our Rare Mineral Listings, please send us an email at dakotamatrix@gmail.com.

Below is a list of 20 rare minerals from the Don Phillips collection for you to pick and choose. Each are small specimens, less than 1cm or in a capsule, and are either type locality or worldwide rare and have a unique chemistry. This is on a first come first serve basis and these are one of a kind specimens (no duplicates). Please email (dakotamatrix@gmail.com) us your picks ASAP OR Complete the Shopping Cart for your selected items, we expect these to go fast. No photos avaialable.

If you place an order via email you will receive an order confirmation of the samples you got under the name Admin Shopper and will be contacted shortly by one of the DMM team with your total including shipping/handling fees.

If yuo place an order via the shopping cart you will recieve and email comfirmation of your order & it can be viewed any time in your User Account.

PLEASE INQUIRE FOR AVAILABILITY. A specimen may be marked "AVAILABLE" but but it still could have been sold, since these list must be updated manually.


Select Species offered from the Don Phillips Collection
Listing #2 May 24, 2012

Alleghanyite SOLD
Parker Shaft, Franklin, New Jersey, United States
Loose Specimens
Four specimens around 1 centimeter each in a bag. David Shannon label.

Athabascaite SOLD
Sierra de Umango, La Riaja, Argentina
Sample is a number of small flakes, crumbs and dust in a pill capsule.  Sample
has a Cureton label and has been microprobed.

Bararite SOLD
Barari Colliery, Jharia Coalfield, Bihar, India
Plastic vial with about 1cm of off white to beige powder in the bottom.

Bracewellite, Grimaldite and Mcconnellite in Eskolite SOLD
CrO(OH), CrO(OH), CuCrO2 in Cr2O3
Merume river, Kamakusa, Mazaruni District, Guyana
Type locality specimen for 3 of the 4 species listed here, single grain around
3 mm across.  Likely of placer origin, edges seem rounded.  I really don't know
what to say about this guy, it's just that crazy.  Cureton label.

Cameronite with Tellurium SOLD
AgCu7Te10 with Te
Good Hope Mine, Vulcan District, Gunnison Co., Colorado, USA
Pill Capsule with greyish black powder. Type and only locality. Cureton Label.

Chvaleticeite with Copiapite SOLD
(Mn++,Mg)SO4*6(H2O) with Fe++Fe+++4(SO4)6(OH)2*20(H2O)
Chvaletice, Pardubice Region, Bohemia, Czech Republic
Type locality, lump about 3mm in pill capsule, off white to yellow.

Dreyerite SOLD
Hirschhorn, Otterbach, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany
Type Locality, single grain around 3mm long.  Cureton Label. Rare polymorph of

Ellisite SOLD
Carlin Gold mine, Elko, Eureka Co., Nevada, United States
Small amount of black powder that almost covers the base of the pill capsule.
Type Locality.  Odd chemistry.

Furongite SOLD
Furong Lin, Ling Wu, West Hunan Province, China
Four yellow crystals each between .5 mm and 1 mm.  Cureton Label. Type
Locality. Only two world wide localities thus far.

Machatschkiite SOLD
Near Hagendorf, Bavaria, Germany
Loose specimen
1.5 cm chip of dark black to grey mineral with white Machatschkiite.
Cureton Label.  Likely from the Anton Mine.

Schreibersite SOLD
Sao Juliao de Moreira meteorite, Viana do Castelo District, Portugal
A number of small dark grains visible in the capsule.  Sample is of meteorite

Seeligerite SOLD
San Rafaël Mine, Sierra Gorda District, Antofagasta Region, Chile
Five small crystals each around 1mm in size in a pill capsule.  Really strange
chemistry, and a good specimen.  Cureton label.

Straczekite SOLD
Union Carbide Mine, Wilson Springs, Garland Co., Arkansas, United States
Around a dozen small grains of Straczekite, with about half of them around a mm.
Type locality, and Cureton label.
$20   $10

Stutzite SOLD
May Day Mine, La Plata District, La Plata Co., Colorado, United States
Four large grains of Stutzite to around 4mm.  

Suanite SOLD
Hol Kol Mine, Suan-gun, North Hwanghae Province, North Korea
Cotton packed pill capsule with 3 small .5>x>1mm grains of Suanite.  North
Korea specimen and type locality.

Taikanite SOLD
Amur-Gebiel, Taikan ridge, Russia
Sample is 3 mm across in a clear capsule, Cureton Label.

Tangeite var. Adelite AVAILABLE
Egnar, Colorado, United States
Perky box
Small specimen in a clear perky box with cotton padding, specimen is around
1 centimeter across.
$30    $20

Tintinaite SOLD
Pb22Cu+4(Sb,Bi)30 S69
Tintina Silver Mines, Watson Lake Mining District, Yukon Territory, Canada
Single grain around 1.5 mm across. Cureton label, type locality, strange
chemical formula.

Tucekite with possible Millerite SOLD
Rocheservieres, Vendee, France
Loose Specimen, micro xls
Small specimen around a centimeter across with a small arrow pointing to a
grain. Cureton Label. Only a handful of known nickel-antimony minerals.

Yushkinite SOLD
Yushkinite gorge, Western-Siberian Region, Russia
Loose Specimen
Thumbnail specimen around 1.5 centimeter across, dark grey in color, with old
Excalibur label.  Type and only locality.  Disseminated micro grains.  
$75   $60

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