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How & Why to Queue Orders

Queued (Hold) Orders with Dakota Matrix Minerals

Placing an order on Queue is the same as placing the order on Hold, so payment and shipping are postponed until the held Queued Orders are released by you, the user, thus completing the order. The Queue option is only available to Registered Users and allows users to place multiple orders, placed at different times, on Queue, and then users have the option to combine them for shipment on a later date - saving you on shipping/handling charges. Keep in mind that by placing an order on Queue you ARE purchasing the specimen(s) in the order and will be responsible for all amounts plus shipping/handling. Also, we please ask that you release your Queued Orders for shipment and complete payment within 4 weeks (30 days) of the first Queued Order OR when the combined total of the Queued orders is greater than $500.

How to place an order on Queue:

First, to be sure that you will have the option to place orders on Queue make sure you Log-In to your User Account. For more details on how to log-in or create a User Account see the User Account FAQ’s.

Once you are logged in and are ready to to check out the items in your shopping cart click the ‘My Cart’ link on the top right of the page near the greeting ‘Welcome….’.

Now, to place the order on Queue simply click the Queue Order option.

After you select  Queue Order you will be prompted by the message, “By placing this order into your queue, you are submitting the order for later processing, and are held liable for any payments regarding this purchase at a later date. Are you sure you want to queue this order?”, reminding you that you are purchasing the specimens and agree to complete payment at a later date. If you agree to this message you will be directed to a confirmation page with instructions on how to view or release your Queued Order discussed below.

How to view &/or release Queued Orders for shipment:

You can view and manage your Queued Orders (or Past Orders) at any time by logging in to your User Account and clicking the ‘My Account’ link on the top right side of the page near the greeting (see image above), which takes you to your Account Dashboard (see image of Dashboard below).

To see the items in each order click on the order number or the order date, then you can select individual orders or you can select ALL orders by checking the boxes and when you are ready select Combine and Checkout to combine the selected orders and complete payment.

If you have any comments or questions regarding Queued Orders don’t hesitate to email us at dmmcart@gmail.com. OR, for more info on Queued Orders see our Queued Order FAQ’s.

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