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Next Update: Friday, 08 May 2015 12:00 PM MST

Minerals for sale by Dakota Matrix, your online mineral dealer.

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Daily Five MInerals for Sale

Release Notification

Gallery - Colorful Mixed Minerals
Released - 5/5/2015 6:00:29 PM
Quantity - 5

41898 - Hydrozincite

BM41908 - Volborthite

41902 - Woodallite

BM41927 - Wulfenite

BM41920 - Strengite

Rare MIneral Specimens

Release Notification

Gallery - Under $50 Minerals
Released - 5/1/2015 6:00:29 PM
Quantity - 36

BM41811 - Miserite

BM41812 - Monteregianite-(Y)

BM41813 - Kulanite

BM41815 - Creedite

BM41817 - Mordenite

BM41818 - Hydrozincite

BM41819 - Gyrolite

BM41820 - Ferberite

BM41823 - Ceruleite

BM41825 - Cancrinite

BM41826 - Cavansite

BM41827 - Cavansite

BM41829 - Chabazite-Ca

PD41830 - Meliphanite

BM41831 - Aurichalcite

BM41832 - Aldermanite

BM41833 - Arsenic

BM41814 - Cylindrite

PD41842 - Beryl

BM41844 - Pargasite

BM41846 - Normandite

BM41847 - Stibnite

BM41848 - Dioptase

BM41849 - Serandite

BM41850 - Liroconite

BM41851 - Beryl

BM41855 - Vanadinite

BM41857 - Osarizawaite

BM41858 - Orpiment

BM41859 - Silver

BM41845 - Probertite

BM41865 - Vesuvianite

BM41860 - Stellerite

BM41861 - Corundum

BM41862 - Scheelite

BM41863 - Lepidocrocite


ATTENTION: Please Reinstall the NOTIFIER

We experienced a problem with our Notifier. As a consequence you will need to reinstall the Notifier to get notified of our Special Editions.

Downloading the new Notifier:

1. Click here: DOWNLOAD NOTIFIER and click the "Download Notifier" box.

2. The downloaded file is compressed (a .zip file). Unzip both the DakotaMatrixInstaller.msi and the setup.exe files.

3. The unzipped files will open in a new folder. Double click the setup.exe file.

4. A dialog box will open. Follow the instructions.

5. Restart your computer. When we announce the next Special Edition, the Notifier will pop-up.

If you have any questions drop me a line at dakotamatrix@gmail.com.

sorry for any inconvenience


Phosgenite & Notifier

Our Monteponi Phosgenite Special Edition went off today without the Notifier. Apparently we had a technical glich, and we apologize for any problems this may have caused.

Bottom Line is you must reinstall the Notifier. Here's is the link http://www.dakotamatrix.com/home/announcements/193



Primary Phosphates

The primary phosphate special edition has been moved towards the end of summer/fall. I know you all be so excited (LOL) about this one. We need more time to take care of the identification. Believe it or not, most primary phosphates can be difficult to ID.

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