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Minerals for sale by Dakota Matrix, your online mineral dealer.

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The Dr. Buford L. Nichols Collection

ANNOUNCEMENT: Recently we have acquired the rare species and pegmatite mineral collection from Dr. Buford Nichols of Houston, Texas. Buford is a long time friend, mentor, mining partner, and my collecting partner for over 15 years. Through his life, Buford began collecting many years ago with the late Dr. Al Kidwell and Art Smith in the "Coon Creek Association" that specialized in phosphates of Arkansas. We are proud to have this collection and will be offering this for the next several years. Although retired from a successful and renowned practice in the medical sciences as a famous research pediatrician., Buford and his wife Veda are still collecting minerals.  To learn more about Buford read his biography here.





Rare Mineral Species Sale

Rare mineral specimens are sold daily on dakotamatrix minerals.

Gallery - Rare Mineral Species
Released - 9/28/2016 6:30:28 PM
Quantity - 5

PD45424 - Radhakrishnaite

PD45425 - Lyonsite

PD45426 - Zykaite

PD45427 - Kulkeite

PD45428 - Hakite

The Dr. Buford Nichols Collection

Rare Minerals from The Nichols Collection

Release Notification

Gallery - The Dr. Buford Nichols Collection
Released - 9/17/2016 5:00:21 PM
Quantity - 23

BN45320 - Ludlamite

BN45321 - Libethenite

BN45322 - Clinochlore

45323 - Footemineite

BN45324 - Kastningite

BN45325 - Metatorbernite

BN45326 - Rhodochrosite

BN45327 - Benyacarite

BN45328 - Francoisite-(Nd)

45329 - Hopeite

BN45330 - Uranocircite

BN45331 - Kidwellite

BN45336 - Quartz

BN45317 - Variscite

BN45314 - Carminite

BN45338 - Hureaulite

BN45345 - Strengite

BN45346 - Bobdownsite

BN45347 - Bjarebyite

BN45351 - Turquoise

BN45348 - Veszelyite

BN45349 - Lammerite

BN45350 - Hagendorfite

Mineral Specimens for Sale by Dakota Matrix

Mineral Specimens for the Collector
Release Nitification

Gallery - Mixed Minerals
Released - 9/15/2016 7:30:10 PM
Quantity - 5

45311 - Calcite

45312 - Gillespite

45313 - Cerussite

43813 - Talc

45309 - Murashkoite

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